Sunday, July 8, 2012

Animal Jam Fire's First Contest!

Hi jammers! Today is AJF's first contest! Here are the rules.

Do not answer more than one time, if I find out, you will be disqualified.
Do not comment that this contest is hard, all the answers can be found around this blog or other blog, Example, Animal Jam Flash, or  The Spirit Blog For Jammers.

The first round will last until 7/10/2012, if your answers are not in by then, you r comment will not be counted as an answer and will be deleted.

Thanks for reading the rules, now here are the questions.

Question 1. What was the second item released for Rare Monday?

Question 2. Why did Scarecrows and Candy Baskets not come out for Halloween (2011) and Spring (2012)?

Question 3. In September 2010, how many gems did Gloves (the non-member ones) cost?

Question 4. Name one Tail Item. There are two, one was removed.

Now for the find the location where the pictures were taken. Comment what land, shop, or party they are in, and comment the location in the land, shop, or party. Look around Jamaa to find them.

Find It 1.

Find It 2.
Find It 3.

Find It 4.

Remember to comment the answers in the comment box on this post by 7/10/2012. Comments that do not have the answers to the contest will be posted, comment answers will not be. Now here are the prizes you will win.


  1. Oh my gosh the prizes look SOOOO totally epic I'm entering right now!
    ~katgoo449 the wizard/KittyinBowTie

  2. 1.Medusa Mask
    2.Because scarecrows were the prize for 2010's halloween game and easter baskets were 2011's egg contest prize.
    3.45 gems
    FI 1. Jamaa Township near exit to the foreset
    FI 2. Lost Temple near the closed shop.
    FI 3. Barhai Bargains near giant clam.
    FI 4. Kani cove on the tip of the ship.

  3. Candy baskets? You mean the ones that say "Take one"? Because those came out last year!

    1. No, the one that came out in Easter. It's green and it has Candy Canes.

  4. 1: medusa masks
    4: Elf Tail Armor and Skullies
    5: Jamaa Township
    6: temple of zios
    7: Crystal reef
    8: Deep blue

  5. Q 1: Medusa Mask
    Q 2: Because scarecrows came out in 2010 and the candy baskets came out in easter 2011 as a treasure hunt
    Q 3: it costed 2,000
    Q 4: Elf Tail Armor

    FIND IT 1: in jamaa township near mira to the left next to a tree
    FIND IT 2: in temple of zios near the locked door at the edge of the water
    FIND IT 3: in bahari bay next to some brain coral at the bottom left
    FIND IT 4: in kani cove on the ship its thing looks like a leaf sorta


    -1natureprincess :)

  6. Here are my answers! I was REALLY confused on question 2, so i am taking a logical guess.
    1. Medusa Mask
    2. Because they were gifts from scavenger hunts. Like basket of candy was from a Easter egg scavenger hunt.
    3. 45 gems
    4. skully
    Find it 1. Jamaa township (near Miras Statue)
    Find it 2. Lost temple of zios (near the abandon door on the far left)
    Find it 3.Bahari Bay (On the bottom left)
    Find it 4. Kani Cove (on the sunken ship)
    My Username on animal jam is TheSafari07
    I know I'm not right on number 2, but anyways good luck to all!!

    1. WOW i actually got #2 right! Awesome!

  7. Umm. Non member globe was at. 2500 gems. Umm second rare. Because... ajhq just wanted to get the thing out. Candy basket and scarecrows. They wanted to make them rare. Skully! The hut is near mira. The flowers are near the river in zios. The coral and fish are near the op of crystal reef. I will find the last one and wht if a non member wins?

  8. When Are you gonna approve my other
    Comment ?

  9. The ship tip is in kani cove!

  10. Ayoo, I'm XxStevenxX, Message me if i win and trade me the prizes... #1:Medusa Mask
    #2: Because AJHQ didn't want to bring them back? XD
    #3: 2500
    #4: Elf tail amour, and skullies.
    #1,find it.: Jamma Township.
    #2,Find it.:;Lost temple of zios
    #3,Find it:Crystal Reef.
    #4,Find it: Barahi Bay

  11. Yo! I'm one of the jammers too! My username is SnivyTepigOshawott! Please buddy me in Animal Jam! What is your username?

  12. Too bad! I am too late! And I knew all the answers!


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