Friday, July 20, 2012

Items and Channel!

Hi jammers! There are to new items, one of them is weird... I thought we fixed the problem.

                                                                           At Jam Mart Clothing:
It's even for non-members!

                                                       At the Mystery Emporium:
I guess when a new animal comes, they name a statue.
I also have a youtube channel! Obviously I make Animal Jam Videos! Here is the link!
Bigcatsfoever's Youtube Channel
Have a pawsome day jammers!

1 comment:

  1. Yay YouTube channel! I like animal jam vids! Oh yeah, and btw, my blogger account is once again unlocked and my blog's back up, hooray! I might add a few YouTube video links on my blog, not sure yet.
    Tootles, ciao, astalavista! Whateva toots your meow! =(^.^)=
    ~***The Magical Wizard of Jamaa***
    P.S.- Yeah I know it's a bad kitty.....I was in a rush. Oh, and sorry if it looked like I was commenting just to advertise my blog!


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