Friday, July 13, 2012

Lanterns and Contest Round 2!

Hi jammers, today I am going to post about today's new item and Contest Round 2!

                                                     At Bahari Bargains:
Kind of scary if you ask me!

For Round 2, obviously if you get all of them right you win, but this time, it's the same thing but, if none of them get all the answers right then it will matter how many questions they got right.

                                                           Contest Round 2 Rules:
• Only the TheSafari07 and pool54321 can participate in this round. If you do comment the answers and you are not TheSafari07 or pool54321, you comment won't be counted and it will be deleted.
• Do not answer more than one time, if I find out, you will be disqualified.
• Do not comment that this contest is hard, all the answers can be found around this blog or other blog, Example, Animal Jam Flash, or The Spirit Blog For Jammers

Here are the questions and find it's.

Question 1. Name the item from Rare Mondays that they accidently released the Tuesday before that Monday. (Gloves and Medusa Masks are not the answer)

Question 2. What is the Carpet that was in Beta and looks messed up in our dens today.

Question 3. In September 2010, how many gems did Leaf Necklaces cost?

Question 4. Name the back item that was deleted when Beta ended, but was released a couple of weeks ago.

Now for the find the location where the pictures were taken. Comment what land, shop, or party they are in, and comment the location in the land, shop, or party. Look around Jamaa to find them.

Find It 1.
Sorry for the bad quality.
Find It 2.

Find It 3.

Find It 4.

These are the prizes you will get if you win.
Good luck to TheSafari07 and pool54321!

1 comment:

  1. Im TheSafari07!!
    1. Rare Butterfly Glasses
    2. Tan carpet
    3. 80 gems
    4. blanket
    Find it 1: Theater lobby (on top of the exit door)
    Find it 2: Conservation museum (on the left of the donate box)
    Find it 3: Crystal reef (nest to the entrance of Flippers 'n Fins)
    Find it 4: In Bahari Bay (above the passageway to crystal reef)
    If i win, I'm a member so you can just send the items so me.


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