Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pet Turtles!

Hi jammers! Turtles are in Jamaa! Lets take a look at the Jamaa Journal!

                              Here is my turtle. :P
A Cold Angel turtle. :3
I will post about it later. :l
Good luck to everyone!
Here is the costume corner!
8,895 gems for both looks combined.
 Here are th itms I missed!

                                                         At Jam Mart Furniture:

At Bahari Bargains:

At Sunken Treasures:

At the Mystery Emporium:

I know the Penguin Statue has ben out for a while but it has been renamed!

At the Summer Carnival:

(I'll trade Clover Tubes for a Yellow Raccoon Tail)

At Epic Wonders:

At the Sol Arcade:

The Rare Mondays I missed:
Rare Pirate Bandana
Rare Coral Necklace
(Credit to Snowyclaw for pictures of the Rare Monday items)
That's it for now!

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