Thursday, August 2, 2012

Monthly Gift!

Hi jammers, it turns there is a computer I have access to (people hide things from me >:3), just not Animal Jam. I don't know why but I am not allowed to go on Animal Jam on my acation, but I managed to go on for a very short time. >:D The only thing i got though was the Monthly Gift. So here it is!

                                                  August's Monthly Gift:
A Golden Phantom, awesome! Two more things, I added a link to my story blog, The Journey Of Jamaa on the right side bar, just click the picture of the Jaguar (my favorite animal). Go to the Sign Up page on the blog. The blog is still under construction, but you can still sign up, there are some spots left! More roles will pop up on the sign up page as the story continue, I'll let you know here when ever there is a new role. Last notice of the day, my membership expires this month >.<. Don't worry though, I will renew it! (cheers) So yeah, have fun Jammers!

P.S. There are only 5 roles left on the blog for now
P.P.S. I can only start the story when I have all the current roles


  1. What do you mean "roles"?
    What do you have to be?
    If I'm eligible,can I be one or no?
    (I'm curious and annoying right now,so sorry about that!xD)

    1. Roles are like the parts your animal plays. Like how IceFire is a villain and how my character, Bigcats, is the main character. Frost is my characters sister and Spirit Role is my characters best friend.

    2. Of course you can join if there are any parts left! Anyone is welcome! ;)

    3. Epic!Can I join?

    4. Of course, like I said, anyone can join! :D

    5. So what will I be playing as?

    6. I am IceFire, Mwhahaha>:D

  2. Choose a role from the sign up page on the story blog. :)

  3. I want in bigkitty! >:D! New nickname. Hehe


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