Wednesday, August 8, 2012


No I am not quitting, these are just happy memories when it was my first year playing AJ in 2011. Not the pictures are bad quality 'cause I took them with my 3DS.
                                             Having fun in the Club Geoz. With my friend seal77899, me, and other friends that somehow got deleted.
 Me, seal77899, and deleted friends.
 Me, seal77899, and more friends.
                                          Me, LoveLost (when she was Mayksufi), and a wolf. I am the tiger
                                                          Me, and friends. I am the White Bunny.

                                                                Items in Jam Mart Clothing

                                                                Items in Jam Mart Furniture
                                                           Items in the Cocoa Hut
                                                            Me, Mayksufi, trickertreee (before he was my friend), Octopus737 (before she qas my friend), Wando20, and tech66 (before he was my friend).

                                                    Mayksufi's animals. (I don't know why I took pictures of these)

                                                     One of Mayksufi's parties

                                                     Me and my friend lezieg. (I am the member)

                                                      My animals. Back then, you could only have eight animals and I did not have the items I had today.

                                                     Good times :)
                                                            Day Of The Phantoms time! :) I was so excited because all of the halloween items were ultra rare before Day Of The Phantoms 2011.

                                     My Day Of The Phantoms costumes.

                                                         My Underwater animals. That's it jammers!

1 comment:

  1. Woah....!You took alot of pictures!:0
    I wish I could have been there,I have been playing AJ since beta lol!
    xD (but I'm too old for AJ!)
    P.S.-Your pictures taken with your Nintendo DS are not bad quality,their cool quality :D


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