Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wish Me Luck! D:

Hi jammers, have you heard of Hurricane Isaac? Well, it's headed where I am, and where I live, there is a High Tornado Threat! D: Please, please wish me and my family luck. And my friends like Twinfire, frost1413, and icetiger54321, all four of us live near each other and we are in the high tornado threat area so wish us luck!


  1. I'm glad I live on west coast. When I go to colorado a tornado formed and tornados arent long only bout ten or fithteen minutes.

  2. OMG my god protect u and ur famliy,friends i wish u luck! be safe!

  3. Goodluck, bud! Hope you and your family are all safe and sound.
    Oh and sorry if I was like ignoring you at the trade party, I was AFK. When I came back I saw you but by the time I wanted to explain, you flashed off. :C

  4. Where I live, tornadoes never occur. BUT. We have terrible Ice storms in the winter.

    ~Crunchy Berryfriend

  5. Prayers for everyone in the path of Isaac!

  6. Also, Hightail it to the cellar. When there's a tornado warning where I live, which is next to never, that's what people are told to do. Best of luck! Also, could you make a post about you becoming an author on my blog?

  7. I never get tornados, or hurricanes. I get tsunamis.

  8. I was in Hurricane Irene. It was horrible; I didn't have to evacuate, but I only say it was horrible is because the electricity went out for an ENTIRE DAY. It was like, torture to me. o3o

    1. I was in Irene too!! I lost power for 2 DAYS!!! It was soooo horrible D:

  9. Wow I will wish you Luck and i will pray for you and everyone on the path of isaac....
    Best of wishes

  10. ! Oh my gosh! I hope you guys are okay! I don't like storms either! May God watch over you!

  11. My friend was in hurricane katrina and in a tornado to but i never knew her then... i will pray for u god bless ur soul may issac be a threat but maybe by chance it will leave.... god bless yall

  12. at first i was scared then when it hit me it was just rain on and off nothing BAD + i had all my power!! :)

    Best wishes to people in icrene's path.

    ~ icetiger54321 ~


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