Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Update!

Hi Jammers! Sorry I am late! There is new items in Jamaa! Lets go check the Jamaa Journal, shall we? 

Cool! The new Jamaa flag has been decided! Get your in the Flag Shop located in Sarepia Forest! Also a new animal! I unscrembeled the pieces. It looks like some kind of bird. Maybe a penguin or chicken? Lets take a look at the new items!
Cool! Look at Jam Mart Clothing! It brang back Heart Glasses, Bunny Hats, and Mohawks! Interesting. They brought a Valentine's item early...

Yay1 New items for the new den! I will get to the new den later in this post! There's a Rope, Pitchfork, Hay Bale, Wooden Fence, Sunflowers, and a Trough!

Woah! Epic Wonders now has clothing items! They have a Golden Glove, Golden Unicorn Horn, Diamond Ring, Designer Skirt, Dual Samurai Swords, and a DJ Headset!

Well this is awkward... At Bahari Bargains we have a Sailor Hat, and a Sombrero... Well thats Animal Jam for ya!
Cool! Another Submersile! In Sunken Treasures there is a No Fishing Sign and a Shark Submersile. Now lets talk about te new den. As you may know there is a new den called the Ol' Barn den. Well you can come to my den to look at it. Here are some pictures.

Remember this is my den so come any time! And if you switch wallpaper and flooring. It will look different! Get one today! Now you also may have heard of the new Journey Book page. Do you want to see it completed? Well here is a picture.

See. I will tell you all the animals you will find. There is a Dragon Fly, a Hibiscus, Vine Snake, Monitor Lizard, Water Strider, Praying Mantis, Colugo, Python, Needle Fish, Pitcher Plant, and a Turtle. If you collect all of the animals. You get a Elephant Throne! Now the new parties! Well lets talk about the trading one first. The Trading Party is in the form of a castle den. The water in the moat is frozen. And there is a little fortress to the bottom right outside the den. If you go north while you are outside the den you will find two campfires.There is claws scattered inside the den. If you get a prize you will get a clothing item. There is two specific  items you can only get in the claws at the Trading Party. Here are is a picture of them.
The first one is a Fancy Top Hat. The second one is Horned Leg Pads. Here is some pictures of the Trading Party.

Now for the Dinner Party. It is just like a Restaurant den. Except the animal posters a smaller and there is a Blue Rug. If you go in the kitchen you will see some treats  . Click on them and you will have one right next to you. And if you go on the patio. There is some stairs. you can go down those stairs and into the grass. Also if you click the chalk board in the front you can buy some items. Here is a picture of those items.
The items are a Ice Cream Sundae, Cash Register, Candelabrum, Fancy Table, Diner Booth, and a Shoji Screen. Here is some pictures of the Dinner Party.

Thats it! Bye! And sorry it is a long post!


  1. I caught someone saying wotn :l aw


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