Thursday, January 12, 2012

Party!!!!!!!!! :D XD :P :3 XP X3

Random things... anyways party! Late news I know. Just thought of it. Lol XD. Anyways. So.. Here are the details.
Time. 4:00 pm EST
Day. Monday 16 January
Server: Aldan (if full Draa)
Rules. These are weird and very strict.
1. No scammers allowed.
2. No saying rude things about blog.
3. Certain peole not allowed. They are LikeaG6yo
Party helpers!
If you would like to be a helper please comment.
Moderators. They make sure they're no scammers or people saying rude things. 2 slots open They are EternalClaw
Hosts. 1 slot available. People who are a host: bigcatsfoever, EternalClaw
Comment bellow to be a helper


1 comment:

  1. YEA PARTY ROCK! -does ballerina dance- WOOO!! -falls-

    Oh err...umm...YEA UHH... I HOPE LIKEAG6YO DOESN''T SHOW UP!


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