Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stallion1 is very kind.

Hi! This is about my good friend stallion1. People say she is a scammer or a hacker. Well. THATS IS SO NOT TRUE. STALLION IS VERY NICE AND KIND AND AWESOME! So she has a Orange Locket. So she has a Aqua Clover Blanket. So she has a Red Worn. She is just a normal jammer like you and me. And she is no different. She has just cool items. And don't get mad at her for no reason. She is one of the nicest jammers around. Like WitchHatBunny.


  1. IDK... I know Pizzadrop and even he admitted she scammed...

  2. might want to change the post from WitchHatBunny to LoveLost...


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