Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Items! And GreenFuns blog!

New items have arrived in Jamaa!
First at Epic Wonders...
Its new! Its great! Its the most expensive item in Jamaa! At 10,000 gems, Animal Jam introduces the Gold Bar!
At Bahari Bargains...
The new Clover Trident will sure cheer you up, with all of its bright colors!
At Sunken Treasures...
A new Barrel Seat is be sold at Sunken Treasures!
Now, one of my friends Green Fun said she needed more views on her blog! So I will post a link to hers! Here is the link... Jammer Times! GreenFuns Animal Jam Blog! Make sure to look at her blog, and my blog for all of your Animal Jam needs! Bye jammers!



  1. Oh, hey thanks! I'm glad you helped, and I'll add your blog to a post when I return to posting again.

  2. cheak out
    ; ) its awesome


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