Friday, March 2, 2012


Yes an Epic New update! To start off with all this epicness lets look at the Jamaa Journal!

A Crystal Sands remodel? Hmm.. intersesting. And ELF TAIL ARMOR! YAY! Here is the picture of ELF TAIL ARMOR!
Now the new items! At Jam Mart Clothing!
Leprechaun Hats are here! And hurry and get your Hat and Curly Wigs! At Jam Mart Furniture!
An Ice Torch, Ice Cube Chair, and a Snowflake Table go perfect with the new den! And last In Epic Wonders!
Now lets take a look at the new den! Here is some pictures of my SnowFort den!

If you go on the Top you can turn icy!
That is the complete page of the Journey Book! Yak, Lemming, Himalayan Tahr, Partridge, Himalayan Poppy, Permafrost, Gold, Hawk Moth, Juniper, Slate, and the Red Panda is what you need for a Red Panda Plushie!

1 comment:

  1. Oh I'd love to have elf tail armor! So sad, I am a non member.


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