Friday, March 16, 2012

The update is here!

Yes! New update! New items! And a new game! To start of, the Jamaa Journal!!!!

Cool! A new contest! Hurry and submit your badge before March 23!
The new animal is an Octopus!Sadly these eight legged creatures are not in Jamaa until the next update! Sorry for you Octopi lovers.
There are NEW items!
At the Cocoa Hut!
Yes the long awaited Clover Earmuffs are here! I bet alot of you are happy because I've been hearing people wanting these cool head items!
At Jam mart Clothing!
Alot of people have been wanting these Balloons too! They're finally here! Hurry and buy them though! They won't be here for long!
At Bahari Bargains!
A new Clover Neckalace! Wow, Animal Jam is really in the St. Patricks Day mood!
And last but not least. At Sunken Treasures!
Wow! This is really cool! On the left is the Ship Table and on the right is the Ship Bench!
Here are the Clearance Items!
The clearance items at The Den Music Shop are..
The Jammer Anthem!
The Clearance Items At Jam Mart Clothing are..

Elf Bracelets, Unicorn Horn, and Angel Wings!
The clearance items at Sunken Treasures are...
The Clam Shell Chair, and the Clam Chair Ottoman!
As you might know Crystal Sands has been remoldled. A new labratory has been set up! World famous marine bioligist, Dr. Tierney Thys has set up her labrotory in Jamaa! Here are some pictures!
On the first floor, you can see some of the gadgets Dr. Thys uses! There is also a brand new game called Touch Pool.In touch pool you have to find six animals. There are 5 different kinds of each animals! To see how many more animals you have to find, press the top right blue button. If you found 5 different kinds, press that blue button and look at the pressents. The yellow pressents have a prize for you. The blue ones mean you still have to find more animals! Here are all the prizes!
The Horshoe Crab Plushie, Sea Urchin Plushie, Hermit Crab Plushie, Starfish Plushie, Ray Plushie, and a Sea Slug Plushie!
There is also a seccond floor!
You can watch movies there and see questions Dr. Thys answered!
Have you heard of the new party in Jamaa? It's called the Wolves Only Party! You can only be a wolf in the party, but it's really fun. Here are some pictures!

If you stand by the lava you can get red!
If you click the full moon, you can get a mini moon next to you!
There is also a little shop! Here is what you can buy from there!

There is a Full Moon Rug, Wolf Cavern, Full Moon Window, and a Wolf Throne! Thats it for now! Bye jammers!

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  1. I think that it (the wolves only party) would creep some kids out (including me. I did get creeped out when I went to it.)


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