Thursday, March 29, 2012

Update and vacation!

Todays is a new update! Lets check the Jamaa Journal!

Cool an Egg Hunt! The prize will be later in this post. Hurry and get your monkeys! Two weeks until the leave! The badges are really cool! What everyone was hoping for.. Jam-A-Gram typing! A new Horse Party and a new Journey Book Page... EPIC! Now lets get to the items.
At Jam Mart Clothing
Jester Hats are back!
At Sunken Treasures
An Octopus Submersile!
And if you go to the Cocoa Hut you can vote for 3 T-Shirts you want in AJ Outfitters!
Octopi are here! Here is a picture of my Octopus!

Cool, right?
There is a New Journey Book Page for Sarepia Forest! Here is a picture of The Sarepia Journey Book Page full!
The animals/plants you need to get the prize are... Poison Ivy, Raven, Great Horned Owl, Chipmunk, Mushroom, Woodpecker, Firefly, Termites, Skunks Snail and Moss! The prize is a Mini TreeHouse!
If you get all eight eggs in Jamaa you can get a prize! Here is the prize
An Egg On a Pedestal! They come in multiple colors! You need to find the eggs in Jamaa Township, Lost Temple Of Zios, Sarepia Forest, Crystal Sands, Canyon Pathway, Coral Canyon, Mt. Shiveer, and Appondale and you will get the prize! And Last But not least the Horses Only Party!
Here are the latest pictures!
If you click on the big Horshoe you can get a little one next to you!
There are two shops in the Horses Only Party! A Clothing Shop, and a den shop! First the Clothing Shop
The Clearance Items returned... Strange. There is a Unicorn Horn, Angel Wings, and Elf Bracelets! At the den shop
A Barrel, A Sack, and a Horshoe.

 And one more thing
They added Tail Items on your options of sorting your Clothing Items! Thanks red565 for telling me this.
I can't post until Sunday because I am going on vacation. I will be back, don't worry.
Thats it bye jammers!


  1. Bigcats!!This is so incredibly awesome!! Not the part about you going on vacation,though. I love the new animal too! The octopuses are cuter than i thought. And now i can send speacil Jam-a-Grams to you and all of my other buddies! The next step is for a new animal to come out for non-members.

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I agree with you, we do need another Non member animal. We also need more inventory slots for Clothing and den items for both land and oceans! We also need more den slots, more pet slots, more animal slots, a non member pet, a full refun when we recycle something, and let non members type Jam-A-Grams!


  2. Would a member be amazingly cool and get me a barrel from the horse party? ^.^

    1. This member will when I get back from vacation.


  3. Hey Bigcats and you other mods! I would love you guys to join my with tons of other mods! It's a really fun blog that so far is shared with 15+ Jammers! I hope you join I just need you AJ email! Thnx Bye!



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