Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snow Machine

The new items today is available at Jam Mart Furniture.
Its a snow machine!


  1. Bigcats? I heard you posted some bad words on GreatShot's blog and her brother's blog as well. Is this true?
    Please note that I am NOT, I repeat, NOT, accusing you of ANYTHING.

  2. @Ozma
    Of course thats not true. If there is a comment of me it's probably my brother pool. Or an imposter. I would never post anything mean On GreatShots blog! I know you are not accusing me. But I would never do that.

  3. @Ozma
    And if it has bad grammar its either an imposter or my brother pool.

  4. @bigcats
    Okay, thanks! :)


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