Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Barrel Spongies!

Hi jammers! Sorry I was late! I was very tired this morning.
At Sunken Treasures:
Nothing much...


  1. I got hacked, and I have lice. What a bad destiny! O.O

  2. I have lice too. I'm a boy, so that's a little weird.

  3. Hi! its me frost can i join the anti scammer thing i dont have a blog as u know so i dont know what to do i would love to help out oh also twinfire is infested with Lice !!!!

    love ya!

  4. OH hey twin! i dint know you posted how r u and hows your head?????


  5. bad very bad i have these things called Nits, which are lice eggs. My mom killed all the live ones! MWHAHAHAHA DESTRUCT THE LICE!

  6. OMG OH THATS BAD will i see you tommorrow? cause ill bring gylie if ya want



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