Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Imposter Striked Back

Hi jammers! So as you see, the title, you will hear about the imposter, but first! The new item!
At Treetops Garden:
Ok second thing is, my imposter, she admitted she was xXPianoXx. But, I look at my friends Hayes848's blog, and he said he had a hater. It was around the same time I had the imposter. I posted a comment about it, and someone yet again impostered me, BUT, on Hayes' blog. Now Hayes thinks I did it, do you jammers believe me, if you do thanks. :)


  1. I be leave you.

  2. Hey, I was only an imposter for two comments. I don't know who that other weirdo was. (No offense to the other one lol) and I'm not a hater of any blog so I'm not the hater on Hayes' blog. And I believe you that it wasn't you. :3 You seem like you couldn't be able to hate on someone.

    (What is his blog called?)


  3. Bigcats, please believe me that it wasn't me who is the hater. Please. I just found Hayes blog right after I read this post. Meet me on AJ to work this out. At my den, ok?


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