Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Planters And Construction Hats!

Hi jammers, sorry I didn't post yesterday, I thought we should have had a moment of silence for 9/11, that's when the World Trade Center's tallest building fell down, most people call them the Twin towers. The Pentagon was also hit and passengers from another hijacked plane fought back and landed it to s field in Pennsylvania.Anyways the items!
At Treetops Garden:
At Jam Mart Clothing:
The Big Planters and a Construction Hat, I remember the Big Planters.


  1. i think that was a very kind thing for you to do. AND THE CONSTRUCTION HAT LOOKS FUNNY TO ME.
    My blog is please comment and check often!
    Thanks for following my blog bigcatsforever!

  2. I learned about the trade center. I got showed real pictures and news reports. It was freaky. O.O

  3. same the big planters.... its sad theyre not rare though now... :( but anyway I think we should be silent as Well good job :3 and I might get an construction hat!


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