Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Animal Jam!

Hi jammers! To start of with, there is a new code! It is BIRTHDAY BASH
It is HUGE! And it's non-member! :)Here is the Jamaa Journal!
 It's AJ's Seccond Birthday!
 Cool a new game, I'll give you a tutorial! I also will post the new party later.
Hedgehog is at the bottom left of Sarepia Forest, near the Jamaa Township entrance.
 Just like pacman! You have to eat the berries and avoid the phantoms!
If you get the purple crystal, the phantoms will turn yellow and you can eat them!
 HURRY UP AND LETS GO TO THE SUMMER CARNIVAL! :D Hurry, it is closing very soon!
In TWO WEEKS! It seems pretty long...
Last the new items!
At Jam Mart Clothing:
That's it, bye!

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