Monday, September 24, 2012

The REAL Rare Arctic Hood

Ok jammers. Last week, the mixed up the Rare Arctic Hood for the Rare Arctic Coat. Well, today the REAL Rare Arctic Hood is in stores.
At the Cocoa Hut:
I another thing, my good friend Kinyonga was hacked by a hacker. They changed her password and everything! Please be careful everyone!  Lastly, I haven't been getting any comments lately.. I love seeing comments! How about I post first everyday asking a question, or explaining more detail on something?


  1. Lol i got first comment! And yeah its sad that Kinyonga got hacked :(

  2. Hi jammers! I know that hacker thing is scary, but it's just a warning! I want all of you to be safe! Be a jammer and not a scammer and hacker! Another thing, what do you think about the Rare Monday item? Any ideas for next Rare Monday? Comment!


  3. Meep! I think the rare monday is ok... It would have been better if it had been non-member, of course! XD For next RIM I'd like an orange glove, and some random colour nm wings, like the normal Wings item but nm and different colours like maybe orange with silver tips. That would be so cool! A different colour top hat would be nice too.


    P.S Anyone found out who the hacker was yet?


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